Mykel offers voice lessons for beginners. If you have ever wanted to know how to sing your favorite songs, and sing them well, then Mykel can make it happen!
Mykel offers piano lessons to beginners and intermediate-level players. As a piano graduate of Baylor University, you can rest assured that Mykel will bring your piano playing and musicianship to the next level. 
Mykel offers guitar lessons to beginners. If you have ever wanted to play the guitar and didn't know how to start, Mykel is the teacher for you!

Music Lessons


Mykel offers 3 different lesson focuses. 

  • Voice

  • Piano

  • Guitar


All lesson pricings range from $15-$20 per lesson, with at least a monthly commitment. (At least 4 lessons). 

Each student or parents of student will be given a Lesson Contract with the expectations, goals, and intentions of the music lessons.

Depending on each student, there are performance opportunities every semester.